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Teams & Riders Everybody needs a little bit of Roglstomp in their lives

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I doubt it's Israel if he wants to win TdF.

In the GCN article they say it's a world tour team. So not Israel (unless they've worded it wrong).

My gut says Ineos. Raymond Kerckhoffs got the story right so far & it makes too much sense (Bora is the other option... with UAE being the Mad Max scenario).

Anyway, I'm happy this is out now. It means he can have a proper send off from Jumbo with a proper goodbye. It's a big moment.
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Must admit, I'd be disappointed in Ineos paying this much for him, although equally it seems he is the only multiple GT winner actually on the market and it sounds like Jumbo set a limit on keeping him and it wasn't the market value the new team has now set for him.
Ineos did this to themselves, they showed every GT rider & agent that they where desperate to sign one and would go to any lengths. Roglic would simply have asked for the remco deal to sign.