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Sounds like he's taking a page out of Valverde's playbook instead of Contador's? Make it sound like you aren't very good thus lowering expectations (or at least trying to) then when you do well everyone (or at least your fans) are happy?
Is there a silver lining for Roglic? He did look very banged up after that crash (yet still strong enough to finish with Pinot at the end of the stage). Not feeling great may keep him from training too hard in the week leading up to le Tour. Maybe it costs him some form up front. Maybe he ends up stronger in week 3. . . . It's hard to say.
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Not sure about that, maybe inside the team. When talking to the media and to the outside world, Rogič usually doesn't try to run away from the favorite position or to make excuses. Roglič sometimes does mention he behaves differently, concerning the inner team dynamics, compared to the communication to the outside world. Hence if he is saying he still suffers from the crash i don't have any particular reason not to believe him.

P.S. The good thing is he was in great shape already, before the crash, and the crash could prevent him to peak too early! But likely not, he likely would be much more happy to train at full intensity ATM. That is just how he rolls.
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Cycling News just published an article saying Roglič's start at the TDF is not a sure thing. Link--

What's not clear is whether the "new" information (from a conversation with his partner Lora Klinc) was from an interview taken this Monday (24 August) or last Monday (17 August). An excerpt from the article based on team information doesn't seem to leave doubt about his starting:

According to reports in the Netherlands, Roglič has recently returned to full training and is expected to study the hugely important 17th stage mountain finish on the Col de la Loze today.

“Lora was with Primož last week on Monday and Tuesday and he was not quite back to his best,” Zeeman reportedly told AD. “As soon as training became serious again, he participated in everything. Thanks to the good work of our medical staff, he can train fully.”

Zeeman explained that Roglič will remain at altitude until Wednesday, while Dumoulin has already descended to Nice for the Grand Départ of the Tour de France.
True. Zeeman said that they noticed that Primož prefers to stay at altitude as long as possible and responds best when coming straight from altitude to rscing. Plus he probably wants to catch up on some training days he missed last week. Gesink left a couple of days ago already to have a little family vacation in Monaco while Kuss left this morning.
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