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Teams & Riders Fabio Aru discussion thread

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Vino attacks everyone said:
I think Aru can make the high mountains more fun than a race where Uran and Porte takes 30 sec on AC in a long tt and AC takes 8 min on every mtf stage, simply because I think he will be able to match AC atleast to such an extent that AC wouldn't drop him too often simply becasue he would have to focus on saving himself for the tour as well, and he'll know he would take 2-3 min on Aru in the tt.
Arus punch in the last km will hopefully give AC some trouble on a stge or 2

I'm not hopeful for a very entertaining race when it comes to 1st in the gc though

I think somewhere I made a list of super unlikely things to happen, some of which have happened, but I now I see you making a realistic post, I once again come to the conclusion that my life is a lie.

Solid post though
Jun 29, 2014
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Kokoso said:
I won't be so sure about this. Look how K?nig performed in his first GT's with small team with low budget, without Sky's miraculous training regime. There's a chance that he can get better, or even much better. His TdF TT shows that he might be comparable TTist (with Sky's material an TT training). I'm not saying he has bigger or smaller chances, but if it's true what you say and Porte will probably fail than I don't quite get you saying he has much bigger chance to podium.

He still struggled against likes Peraud, Pinot, Tejay and Bardet, who was a step above him in the Tour.

The only time he was in front of them was when they let him go with Majka. On most of the climbs he formed a group just behind the leaders with the Belkin and Trek boys.

He is certainly huge talent, but I don't think he is better than Pozzovivo or Uran (just to name a few).
Jun 30, 2014
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Re: Re:

Vino attacks everyone said:
SeriousSam said:
Not very impressive.
He has been saying all along that the PN is a warm up race for Catalunya. Why it is so, I don't know, perhaps it has something to do with his buildup for the giro, but noone expect him to be in any kind of shape here

Exactly, he said that multiple times before the race and he only started racing with Paris-Nice, he'll be fine.
Jul 19, 2010
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Mayomaniac said:
Aru is already back on his bike, he posted a pic on twitter yesterday. :)
According to Alexander Shefer he won't ride Romandie, so probably he'll just train in Sestriere with Rosa and the other guys.
Sources: https://twitter.com/FabioAru1/status/590928469581758465

so he is going the contador's route. Not look stellar so far in the race, but spend more time in training. It will be an interesting comparison to see how it goes in the Giro between him + Contador approach vs. Porte who has been racing, winning and flying all season long up to this moment.