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Teams & Riders Fabio Aru discussion thread

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Gigs_98 said:
I'm happy for him. I know many people don't like him but IMO he is a great rider

I like him too, he isnt afraid to attack when he is at his game. This guy doesnt want to wait if he's got it. I must admit I was at Landa's side at the Giro and as a result didnt like Aru super much, but whatever, respect for him today and another one to look out for in the GT's for the top spot which always is nice.
Aru still need to gain some serious time if he wants to win. And Landa can't just go on the attack, he need to be there with him. He need to gain at least a minute on Tom in each of the 3 hard mountain stages before the TT.

How much time can Dumoulin put into Aru in a 40k TT? 4 minutes? Maybe even more.
Aug 4, 2011
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staubsauger said:
They can still go Saunier Duval style.

If Landa is the strongest climber and Aru apparently the strongest favorite, Mikel simply can froome him up the mountains and fly away in the last kilometres.

Astana is powerful enough to control the breaks anyway.

Landa has not mixed it with the big boys Aru has and looks pretty dam good.
Lets see what happens if they ride a stage together. No getting up the road in Breaks.