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Favorite quotes from the peloton

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Goodness, I would give several acres of my land to see him back for a fortnight in the peloton. Just a fortnight. He would show all these pussies what it was, racing against Merckx. This guy was unbelievable, my God. They wouldn't have time to bleach their hair or pierce their ears. All they would wanna do is go to bed and rest, I tell you.

Luis Ocaña in the eighties. Powerful tribute.

Mate, you just have to train, you'd be less in trouble.

Fignon to Hinault in their first training session of the 1983 season. Hinault never trained in winter.

It's a circus and I don't wanna be a part of it

Chris Boardman about Paris-Roubaix.
Rodriguez: It's more table tennis than cycling. I hope he doesn't get it back!


Only Jens Voigt! (From the CN article)

“Well, I was thinking more like I should become Governor,” he said after Saturday's Queen stage finish near the summit of Mt. Baldy. “I believe my English is almost as good as the one from Arnold [Schwarzenegger], so why not.”
"You don't think... WuHUUU!"

Keisse at the press conference after Tour of Turkey stage 7. I assume he was being asked about his reactions when he fell.


At an interview on the rest day Jonas Aaen and Anders Lund revealed that they were happy for Lars Bak's stage win, but also that they didn't quite understand what he was doing in the VIP-area at first.

Aaen: When we crossed the line some 20 minutes after we could see Lars walking around there, all :D. Didn't understand why at first but then we heard that apparently he won a stage!
Lund:"Hey! Lars, you're not supposed to be there!"
I like funny quotations! Whether from commentators or from riders! :p

(During an interview of sorts about Chris Anker's plan for the KoM)

CAS: I'm so lucky to have gotten the best bed.

Anders Lund: You took it yourself!

CAS: I was first in the room and I'm oldest!

(after the "interview")

CAS: We take turns so next time Anders will get the good bed

AL: Perhaps...

CAS: If he's really fast out of the bus.
The amazing thread revivor strikes again!

Someone just posted this one over at Danish TV2's Tour FB page:

TV2: So what's your plan for today?
Dave: I'm going to drink a lot of water.
TV2: And what about the race?
Dave: I'm going to do the race also. AND drink a lot of water.
TV2: How are you today?
Dave: I'm fine, thanks, how are you?
TV2. Fine.

Try and guess the Dave!
Three from frenchman Géminiani talking about great swiss cyclists

Kübler in bad french: 'Ferdy attack. France ready? Ferdy big engine leave everyone. Ferdy attack now your boys ready? Ferdy big horse Ferdy go now'

Géminiani in equally bad french: 'Ferdy shut up or Ferdy lose teeth'

'We spend so much time chasing those white crosses we'll end up at the red cross'


And the most famous and often repeated/stolen by others
'I won today, Coppi was second. Koblet doesn't count, I'm the first human'


And since we're on a swiss roll

Hack: So, 7 minutes in an echelon tony. your vuelta is lost. what will you do now?
Rominger: I'll try to win a stage
Hack: Mountain or Time Trial
Rominger: Bunch sprint
Hack: Be serious Tony
Rominger, deadpan: I am serious. I've never won a sprint before
Those Anglos!
My mother tongue is French and I've never heard him say that in French. So most famous quote in history, my a*se.

Besides, he did not really put it into practice.

CN posters still have a lot to learn, I see.
Sep 21, 2011
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Echoes said:
Those Anglos!
My mother tongue is French and I've never heard him say that in French. So most famous quote in history, my a*se.

Besides, he did not really put it into practice.

CN posters still have a lot to learn, I see.

Tant que je respire, j'attaque... My mother tongue is French too and I know the quote from a french article in a frech book written by a french journalist that I read few years ago...

You still have a lot to learn, I see.
Jan 23, 2013
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Echoes said:
The quote went totally unnoticed here. The Anglos only know it because of a tee or something ...

It seems there is much the French could learn from us Anglos. First and foremost on the list should be how to win the Tour de France.
Jan 23, 2013
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Back to the point, though, my favorite quote - by far - comes from Cadel Evans after a difficult stage:

“Don't stand on my dog, or I cut your head off!”