Fender or Gibson or other?

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zapata said:
I know, both my current guitars are made in the USA. I've owned and sold a lot of guitars, but those are the two guitars that i'll never sell. When my kid is fifty years old, if I don't leave him anything else, he'll have a hundred year old es-330..

About the tele, I just intend to buy a cheap one to mess around with, with standard single coils. butterscotch, preferably..
those can be nice. as far a truss rod being in adjustment, it is hard to say after
the long journey from china. remember-tighty=righty loosey=lefty
S2Sturges said:
Sorry, it's not pristine anymore, aside from the modifications,years of bars have taken their toll on the old girl..the tobacco finish has gone a bit greenish, the white trim is tan, and the back gouged by countless 70's and 80's belt buckles... my Rickenbacker, however, has been looked after since day one... the only ding in it was courtesy of the same brother.. but indeed, they are just that, beautiful tools of the trade.....
i have a bass player i use a lot and he can't stay in one place. so i have several
dings because of that. it is all good though.
nothing sounds like a Ric.
Jul 14, 2009
This is maybe strange to some. Living in the city of broken dreams I see shops filled with awesome stuff that people have had to sell to keep themselves alive or just gave up on the dream. Bleeker St has a couple of shops 1 with a guitar that was played by Clapton for @4 years and another that was used Niel Young both say price upon request..I can only imagine how much they cost .
Sep 27, 2010
zapata said:
Anyone have any experience with Squiers? I've been thinking about finally getting a Tele, but don't want to spend much on it. I see online Squier have an entire range of very affordable telecasters (including one with p90s on it!), but I'm apprehensive of buying a guitar, however cheap, that I haven't played. So, if anyone knows, how do the squiers compare to a proper Telecaster?
If you can get your hands on a Japanese Fender from the 1980's £4-500 very collectable.