Filippo Ganna Discussion Thread

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Yeah, I was really looking forward to seeing how fast Fil could ride at the Kolodruma so soon after the Giro. Brad McGee wrote the book on this topic by, dare I say, humiliating Sir Wiggo in the 2002 Madchester Commie Games pursuit final only days after finishing the Tour, which included a stage win (on a day that saw all four Aussies in the Tour finish in the top eight of the stage!). McGee's win is a scenario I like to point out to riders (young and old) when they think they haven't got their "taper" right.
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o_O My abdomen clinched when I read "Filippo Ganna positive...", I was glad that it was C19. I didn't want the rainbow stripes to be dirty so I was glad that he had a potentially deadly disease? What is wrong with me?!

I hope that he recovers quickly, and then has a nice training season!
Relax, it's not potentially deadly to him.