Filippo Ganna Discussion Thread

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Unfortunately, he isn't doing PR, while I feel it's the perfect moment to try it out and see if it's something... He's 25 and if he wants to learn how to win, he should gain some experience so in the next 5 years (should be his best years) he has a good chance to win it.
  • If it goes better than expected and Ganna has the cobble fever, he only needs to wait 6 months to have another try.
  • if he has bad fortune and e.g. crashes, there is a whole winter to get back in shape.
Yeah, I don't understand why he doesn't ride it this year. Not only for experience, but also the timing is perfect. He doesn't have to specifically peak for it since it's so close to the WC TT.
Ganna isn't explosive for an IP guy, someone like Jonathan Milan who has a great sprint is probably a lot better in that regard.
Peak shape Ganna could probably just ride people off his wheel on the Poggio...
He might drop some sprinters off his wheel but that's it probably.

Honestly I don't know how aero Ganna is on a road bike, but being taller than almost the whole peloton won't help saving energy in the bunch in the first hours of a race.
Ganna is great, I thought he also did a great job for Bernal downhill on the sterrato stage and he's not climbing too badly for a guy of his size. His sprint doesn't seem amazing but also not terrible. I think if he wants to, he can totally become a great classics' rider or allrounder. Winning a big race like P-R is always something else and not as easily planned, but I'm looking forward to seeing him in the coming years, whatever he decides to do. He really seems to know what he wants, what his major goals are and what he wants to sacrifice for that, so he will very probably make good, mature decisions in the future as well.
Yeah, I'm quite a fan. ;)
Tbh I'm also not entirely sure what to expect from him on the road and we should be a bit careful just expecting him to ride around like Cancellara.

There's plenty of great ITTers that didn't do all that much in one day races. I don't know what Gannas power profile looks like, but Cancellara both had underrated endurance and puncheur ability.
No one consider that but Cancellara, even if i remember him botching some important sprints, was also really fast in a flat sprint (if he wanted he could even crack the top 5 in bunch sprints) and that's a really useful weapon in cobbles races where the finishes are always flat and is not unusual to have a small group with someone fast in it contesting the race.

Ganna, for what we know, can't sprint so he has to go solo but probably isn't even explosive enough to drop people on short hills. Focusing the spring on cobbles races when you can do well only in Roubaix (and even that isn't certain) could be a really big gamble if you are a rider that can win ITTs for fun and also be a stage hunter in hilly/medium mountain terrain.
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