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Fuglsang and Lutsenko under investigation for cooperation with Michele Ferrari.

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Lol. So, one user claims (without a source whatsoever) that Gilbert is involved in the accusation against Fuglsang and Lutsenko and 5 or 6 users jump immediately on the ship of blaming Gilbert.

Let's come back to facts: there is a report indicating anti-doping violations by Fuglsang and Lutsenko. Not less and not more.

Cadf would be taking this further if there was a prima facie case for an anti doping violation.
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No, not speculating. Inviting others to do the dirty work while claiming the moral high ground...

I merely asked a question - Riders from the mid 2000's generation which is Gilbert's time, came into the sport in that in-between period, when it appears doping or overt doping was toned down - I had never come across what I would consider strong links for Gilbert, hence I asked the question - How you extrapolate this to me ' taking the high moral ground ' is baffling, but not surprising.