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General News Thread

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Sep 25, 2009
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19 escapees getting 1:50 gap on the peloton. Samoilau is imo the most capable there.

looks like from now on the gap will be controlled till the last climb at no more than 4-5 minutes.
Mar 18, 2009
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What the heck was he expecting?

It's clear from the route that the only time gaps are going to be at Ax3, the time trial and maybe the Tourmalet.
(unless you count really small gaps at Mendé)
Aug 6, 2009
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More Saxo Bank sponsor speculation. Apparently Riis has bought a new truck with a gourmet kitchen for the riders and this article (in Danish) speculates that he wouldn't make investments like that unless he had a new sponsor. Particularly because the project had been considered previously, but was scrapped due to lack of money when IT-Factory collapsed.
Jun 16, 2009
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Dekker_Tifosi said:
Judging by Karsten Kroon's current form he won't be of much help either
Hopefull he can get some form up after his nasty crash in fleche. Burghardt is looking average also.:(
luckyboy said:
Yeah, bad news we're not going to see him and Hincapie leading the peloton through the Alps :rolleyes:
Hincapie will be there!:)
roundabout said:
Ballan is going to ride the Tour of Austria. Apparently negotiations about it have been going on since March.

true, he will be a loss as he was showing a bit of form in the tds.

At least Morabito, Frank and Hincape are going well as they will be at the tour.
Jun 1, 2010
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Alexander Kristoff after he crashed on the first stage of the Tour de Beauce :eek: