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General News Thread

Page 517 - Get up to date with the latest news, scores & standings from the Cycling News Community.
  • GT GC points have gone up by about 30% across the board
  • Monument points have gone up by about 60% across the board
  • WC and Olympics points have gone up by about 50% across the board
  • Strade Bianche points have gone up by about 20% across the board
  • GT stage points have almost doubled for the winners with (relatively) far bigger increases for the positions below that, the top-15 now scores points instead of only the top-5
  • GT minor classification points for the top-3 have mirrored this increase but still no points for 4th or lower
  • For other WT and .Pro stage races, stage win points have not changed but major increases for the other positions. In addition, the top-10 and top-5 respectively now score points rather than just the top-3
  • No change elsewhere
So UCI decided to end Arnaud de Lies career?
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I'm not saying they don't have the same amount of riders, but their depth isn't necessarily the same. Of course depth is also a quite important criterion for a WT team, but sometimes it's easier to attract the sponsor money to afford it when you've already joined the WT.
I am curious about a rider like Cavendish, is there some value that his race win points could bring to a smaller squad? Could a tiny team just buy 2,3 resulted riders and their accumulated points would elevate the team? I was always wondering if there was a nuclear option for a team that was on the edge of relegation just to make some pay to play contract signing and get the points to save them..
Personally I always enjoy watching a rider dig down and sprint for10th,11th or deeper placing even when the podium was established many minutes before they cross the line..
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Oh Jeez :(

I don't recall there ever* being a TTT in this race. And then one of 32 km? Come on...

*Ever as in my lifetime.
Apparently the last one was in '92 or something.

They added the gimmick that they take the time of the first rider, so basically riders get individual times? They seem to think this will make a big difference but I suspect it only changes the final few km of the TTT a bit.
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Paris-Nice is generally the best stage race of the season and there was zero need for them to succumb to the gimmick of a mickey-mouse TTT , especially such a long one that ruins the nature of the race. It becomes what Tirreno used to be a few years ago, where the TTT decides everything, like that joke Kwiatkkowski win from 2018.

What races we have had in those mountains above Nice. Now we will have Jumbo Vismas robots sitting on the front .

It's bike racing, not a wind tunnel budget test
The worst part is that this would have been a really good route had the TTT been an ITT. Nice hilly stage to start, early MTF as well, murito stage, and the classic final stage. Now it's likely a free win for Jumbo.

I don't agree. Such a long TT would create bigger gaps between the best TTers and the worst than a TTT.

Of course that would be more fair but it would also impact the race more.
Now, now, now. Let's all be nice to Toby. After all, he was technically right. It wasn't true that the race in question did not have a thread. He'd even posted in the thread!
Which of course made it all the more amusing that he went and created a second thread anyway. :smilingimp:

I am actually a bit surprised there isn't a thread for the 2023 edition yet. It was created very early last year. I mean we already have the stage profiles and some of the brutto troupes, so it should be easy for someone to make it.
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