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General News Thread

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It was also about time they retired it to honour Samu!

It looks quite good. You still have the two Arrate ascents, but now they're both further from the finish. But it's not like the regular finish has neutralised early action in recent years.

But we obviously need to see the rest of the profiles in order to fully judge it.
This is good. I actually made something similar for a Vuelta stage in the race design thread. Hopefully we'll see attacks on the penultimate climbs and action for more than 3-4 kms. The only negative thing is that they don't do the steep southern approach to Arrate istead of Ixua.
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Adam hansen did a couple of .2 races in Czechoslovakia last year.
Apologies if this has already been posted/mentioned elsewhere but the route of the UAE Tour is out.

It looks really boring, unless the wind blows on the flat stages.

There's also a TTT instead of a ITT.

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Yup, the UAE Tour's dull route is kind of brought home when a 2.2 race that uses the same terrain includes these stages:



I don't mind them not doing Al-Suhub as three MTFs would be too much for a one week race, but at the same time being around 6km at 8,5% it's a different kind of climber's terrain than the long tempo grinders of Jebel Hafeet and Jebel Jais. Also Jebel Hafeet is the tougher climb I believe, so might be better to put them the other way round, although at this time of the season it's probably less significant as it's still prep race territory. If they decide that the Wadi al-Hilo finish is too out of the way for a WT race they could always just make a circuit with that 3km at 7,3% climb and finish in Fujairah, the only one of the Emirates which is based on the east coast.

It's not like these stages would be super decisive or I'm asking them to put a Liège-Bastogne-Liège clone out there. Just that a route with two sprints, an ITT, the Hatta Dam not-quite-sprinter-not-quite-puncheur finish, a hilly stage around Fujairah or Wadi al-Hilo and two out of the three mountaintop finishes available (the two in the real race and the one in the Tour of Sharjah) would be a much more varied and interesting race, and without doing much that would make it too difficult for its role as a February prep race. We're only talking about adding a couple of climbs which are realistically cat.3 by most Euro races' standards to vary things a bit.

Just as how the Tour Down Under hasn't really made itself that much harder in recent years, but by better placement of the obstacles it has at its disposal it has made itself far better.
A subtle change to this year's Liège-Bastogne-Liège. They will turn right at the top of the Redoute, instead of left. Thereby cutting out the false flat section where Evenepoel rode away last year. They will head straight to the Côte de Forges, before the Roche aux Faucons. This will also mean that the Redoute is about 4 km further away from the finish.

View: https://mobile.twitter.com/LasterketaBurua/status/1618318201611497472

Well, that's not a bad change. The Cornemont, immediately after the Redoute is a nice place to atack as well, with the sore legs from la Redoute.


However, this change means no Hornay anymore (not really some climb that really will be missed) and they removed the mont-le-soie as 'first' important climb before the Wanne.

Furthermore, with Roche-aux-Falcon still there, not much will change. I still hoping one they they spice up the zone around the stockeau, with climbs like Hezalles, Brume and/or thier de coo and remove the roche-aux-falcon.