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General News Thread

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I don't agree. Such a long TT would create bigger gaps between the best TTers and the worst than a TTT.

Of course that would be more fair but it would also impact the race more.
A shorter ITT would also have been fine, do think a 30k TT can be justified by the amount of GC-relevant stages though. The key point is that there's a TTT instead of an ITT, which is horrible by definition.

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Have any other riders gone on to have careers in politics?

How could I forget my countrymens Rui Sousa, who is president of a parish in the north of Portugal since 2013 (accumulated this position with his cycling career from 2013 to 2017), and Amaro Antunes, who lost in the elections to a parish in his home region of Algarve in 2021.

His slogan for the 3rd time he was running for president was "Renew trust"
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Apparently the last one was in '92 or something.

They added the gimmick that they take the time of the first rider, so basically riders get individual times? They seem to think this will make a big difference but I suspect it only changes the final few km of the TTT a bit.
Cool. That is exactly the rule change I'd make for TTTs in my fantasy designs. It has been done before in Tour Méditerranéen (https://cqranking.com/men/asp/gen/race.asp?raceid=214).
Iván Sosa has been attacked during a training ride in Colombia.
A truck blocked Sosa's way, Sosa reproached the driver, and the dude answered getting off the truck and hitting Sosa's chin with a gun butt.
Sosa suffered a small cut in his chin and was attended at a local medical centre.
The driver has been arrested.
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I certainly don't know for sure.. kinda of remember that BMC was the first larger manufacturer that had seat stays lower and now CN has photos of new Look bikes and they appear to be going w similar designs..
And with the rise of gravel really disturbing to see another handlebar recall this time by Salsa..would have thought that even w demands from weight weenies handlebar and stem would be beefed up..
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TTT has no place in a one week race. Should be replaced by the usual 15-20 km ITT
I would replace as well one of the two MTF for a tough mid mountain or hilly stage.
A short and steep HTF could be okay, but I really don't see why just about every one week race absolutely needs to have these 12-15 km, 6-7 % climbs. It's okay for CD, TdS and Catalunya, but really not necessary for PN or TA. A short uphill finish, a murito stage and the classic last Nice stage in addition to a 15-20 km ITT should be the decisive points for a PN.
Final stage in Itzulia doesn't finish on Arrate anymore


It was also about time they retired it to honour Samu!

It looks quite good. You still have the two Arrate ascents, but now they're both further from the finish. But it's not like the regular finish has neutralised early action in recent years.

But we obviously need to see the rest of the profiles in order to fully judge it.