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Going through the conti-teams for next year - yes, I'm weird - and came across this:

Here's Mick Van Dijke

And here's Tim Van Dijke

Yeah, if they ever turn pro, I'm gonna need a cheat-sheet! And I think there might be a slight mistake with (one of?) their profiles, because apparently they weren't born the same place. For their mother's sake, I hope that isn't true.
This year you can actually tell them apart. They are going through their awkward post teenage phases/faces at the moment.

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Jan 1, 2018
Keep an eye on Ben Zwiehoff from Bora, a 27-year-old newcomer on the streets. He had phenomenal results in test-races and clinical tests. He rode cross-country before but wasn't that successful because he is not that explosive and has his strengths in the mountains. He only rode a 2.2 stage race till this year and now started the UAE Tour for his team. He ended 23rd on the first mountain stage with the same time as Majka, Poels, Pozzovivo and some other great riders. I think he is able to surprise some guys in the upcoming years and has the skills to be a dominant climber.
I recently realized that Mathias Vacek, the younger brother of Karel and current European Junior ITT champ, was also a good XC skier in the junior ranks.
Despite him only training for it a few months per year he won the 10km classic at the Czech NC in 2020 and finished 11th in the sprint and 15th in the 10km classic in the 2020 Olympic youth games. Really good for an athlete who has his main focus on another sport.
He also seems to be a lot more of an allrounder than his older brother, better sprint and more of a TTer who can climb rather well.