Gent - Wevelgem: March 28th, 2021

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That finale made me wish that Bennett had a bigger engine for these races.
Yeah, it’s a very different finale if he holds on. It changes the calculation for the other fast guys in gavour of attacking.

That said, this is the first time I’ve thought that Bennett actually does have the engine to win a proper classic, in a slightly easier edition than this where he gets a bit of protection. Very many classics have been won with less expenditure of energy than it took to be in the front group in the wind today all day.
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Before the race I thought WVA would be isolated in the final, but he was the only one who still had a teammate! Strong race by Van Hooydonck.

Van Aert again showed that he's strong and willig to take initiative. In the sprint he cleans up people like Nizzolo and Matthews like it's nothing. So he's got a big fish in his net before RvV.
Well, someone has to be in last position... It's not like it was a bunch of no-names he could just push back at will. But yes, it ruined his chances.
I should re-watch the finale but I think he kind of decided to be in last wheel. Not very smart, but I don't think he would have won anyway.

Trentin said it was mainly him creating the first echelon. He went to the front and put down the hammer, the group split and he had a few TBE riders who started helping straight away.
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