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Get it while it's hot!

Why is Lance riding Alberto's time trial bike in the picture???;) Man, i'm so funny

No but in all seriousness, this book is about the cancer, aswell as promoting himself. I guess with the idea of getting more Americans off their arses and onto bikes and for that i applaud him. Even though most of the time i would get grouped more toward hater than fanboy (if we had some sort of sliding scale).

It also seems Radioshack is not getting much from this either. Because they are giving $10 from every book to Livestrong and i would hazard a guess that this would be taking a fair chunk out of their margin but i guess there is some good publicity and word of mouth for them.


Aug 17, 2009
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For all of you fans out there. Do not hate Lance. He is good for the sport.
He is an interesting vital person with quite a life if you follow him. His personality and energy dominates. All the inuendo shared by so many to me means squat. About as much as a fat man running along side Lance in the snow....darn I wish I had pushed him into a snow bank. Instead of getting on him how about whatever why don't we all test our own anaerobic thresholds i.e. get on your bike and show the world and your kids what you are made of.
shawnrohrbach said:
It's from Radio Shack. 1) It won't work. 2) They won't take it back. I was a slow learner and actually bought more than five things from Radio Shack. I am better now.

Does the underemployed clerk at RS still ask for your phone number if you buy this propaganda?
skippy254 said:
I thought "The return of Dope" was about Obama....

No, actually "The Return of Dope" was about W and his return of the Bush family to the White House. Being a "Gentleman C" at Yale, (he never got a grade better than a C because he never went to classes and they had to graduate him because he was a Bush) he didn't have the brains but they needed him to "lead" the revenge of George the First on Saddam, so Big **** was put in a Veep and W could shuck and jive his way through 8 years of hell for this country. That was the true story of The Return of Dope. End.