Giro 2017, stage 13: Reggio Emilia - Tortona 229 km

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That shouldn't be possible. :eek:
Had to bridge a big gap to a large group of sprinters who were going full gas, get past them, and beat the ones at the front. Amazing.

Richeze did nothing wrong. It was Ewan who tried to jump through a gap that wasn't there.
Note how Gaviria was behind Greipel 15 seconds before he started his sprint, and look where Greipel ended up. He's maybe not hands down the fastest in a drag race, but his maneuvering and awareness are on Sagan-level.
Screecher said:
Ewan blocked by QuickStep. Can´t beat him in a sprint, let your leadout man block him :rolleyes:
Kind of his own fault. If he'd have gone right along the barrier like Gav did instead of trying to squeeze through that gap, he'd have likely won. Frankly, he almost caused a crash there.

Gaviria shows more tactical sense in the sprint once again.