Giro d'Italia 2020, stage 11: Porto S.Elpidio – Rimini 182 km

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You might be right. A few years ago (just before he had got his first rainbow jersey) we had been whitnessing that his recovery is out of this word.
If I am Demare I would start to worry a little bit.
TBF after a very up-and-down first week, since the ciclamino points were going to the break on Saturday and he had no designs on Sunday's stage, he chilled at ~100th over the weekend and then had the rest day so that's three days where he won't have been going deep at all and just putting in the miles. He even came in last of the bunch on stage 8 (though the next group not being that far behind might mean he was just tailing in and there was somebody who left a gap behind). He might have great recovery but back to back GTs with so little time between them will have a cost. Just looks like that was what he needed as he came all guns blazing out of it like he was Alberto Contador or something.