Giro d'Italia 2020, stage 11: Porto S.Elpidio – Rimini 182 km

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This is a pretty weird Giro. Short on two favorite teams, lot of contenders gone, a strange top10 with an underdog maglia rosa and Demare winning 4 stages. Except a few stages, the route has been underwhelming until there imo. Wtf 2020?
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Mountainbiking, iirc. Then he made the top ten out of nowhere in the Österreich Rundfahrt and continued from there.
What's not to like about Auatrian climbers getting great results after coming out of absolutely nowhere. Those stories always end so well...

I like Pernsteiner though. He is one of that purest of pure climbers type. He was also really good in the third week of last years Vuelta, especially the final mountain stage where he really climbed with the best. Based on that I think he could surprise a few people next week.
Too easy for FDJ boys. As they supposed to be the only team who should have controlled the race, I supposed there would be a bigger group of riders with a brave heart. Probably everybody too tired from yesterday.
I know it's very early but Aurelien Paret-Peintre (once known as the next Nans Peters is the next Pierre Latour) is a prime candidate for the Ninja award.

He's currently 20th in GC, without ever being in the top20 in any stage.
Knox is 17th and he also hasn't finished in the top 20 in any stage. There are many potential ninjas in this race.