Giro d'Italia 2020, stage 16: Udine › San Daniele del Friuli (229k)

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In Denmark we have two different non-Eurosport channels showing each race. (or either race? You know, one channel showing the Giro a different one the Vuelta).

I've said it before, just move up here.
I will at first try a vacation there and spent some money :D. Never been there although I wanted to go to Copenhagen some time ago. I heard a lot of great things about Denmark though.
I remember TV2 already showed the Vuelta in 2010. And TV2 Zulu usually showed both non-TDF Grand Tours in the noughties.
I checked up on it yesterday. TV2 first brodcasted the Vuelta from 1995-98 and then on Zulu from 2001-06, before starting again from 2010 on TV2/TV2 Sport. DR1 showed the Giro in 1999 and maybe earlier too. TV3/Viasat Sport may have shown some races during that time as well. I'm not sure, if the Giro was broadcasted live on other channels than Eurosport during the first part of the noughties, cause that's where I got used to the then Bay/Mortensen commentary duo.
Fabbro is in the breakaway. I know that the stage takes place in his region, but Bora are probably planning something, otherwise they wouldn't send their best climbing domestique in the breakaway.
Actually would be a stage for Konrad if it is really too hard for Sagan. Ulissi does not really handle long distances that well and then Konrad is probably the second best in an uphill sprint after Almeida.
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