Giro d'Italia 2020, Stage 3: Enna – Etna 150 km

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If you get to the top and it's a clear day, from this side of the mountain you can see all the northeastern part of Sicily and beyond.
Right before Calabria, you'll notice a pointy strip of sea, where countless battles, trades and earthquakes took place.
Yeah that's right, it's the strait of Messina, home of Lo Squalo dello Stretto.

You know who is going to win today.
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Supposed to have a meeting with one of the people I manage around the finale time. It's totally ok for me to rearrange that just in case this gets interesting right >_>

WFH has really affected my priorities
Mitchelton taking responsibility for controlling the break, clearly Yates is targeting this stage.

Question is if any other teams will want to spend energy helping them?

With Campenaerts, Bjerg and Craddock in the break, it will not be easy to keep the break in check except, for on steep gradients.