Giro d'Italia 2020

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Oct 7, 2019
I really doubt that. If it's gonna be a sprint it will be a very reduced bunch going for it. The stage is very breakaway friendly and if the peloton wants the win they will have to race hard. The final circuit is also well-suited for attacks.
From the website:

"Circuito finale di 14.5 km con nella prima parte l’impegnativo strappo di via Saragat di circa 1 km con un lungo tratto attorno al 15-17% seguito da un lungo falsopiano a scendere fino a ritornare sulla costa per percorrere gli ultimi due km pianeggianti fino all’arrivo. Rettilineo finale di 1000 m su asfalto (largh. 7.5 m)"

Seems to difficult for a real bunch sprint.
I think Nibali won't ever win a GT again. But I'd like to be wrong, as I'm cheering for him.
About the Giro, I think Yates might win it, precisely because the field is weak.
I also have a feeling that Thomas will flop and SK will podium.
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We will see, at least one time he didn´t crack.. Vuelta 2018
The contenders for sure have to respond to Yates attacks in the first weeks..
Yates legs giveth and Yates legs taketh but along the way I'm sure the race they'll maketh.

Dream is for Yates to blow everything up early and then 3rd week Nibali to surface to smash it back the other way.

(sadly while this happens G will probably win from TT's and being pretty much good enough day in day out... :disrelieved:)
Jan 18, 2020
I agree on the route, though that Vuelta did have 5 of the last 8 stages as MTF’s.

The field part is very debatable given the current startlist and strength of teams at the moment.

Back to the original point, far from a guarentee.
Vuelta field was deeper but Nibali and Thomas are a step above as GC riders imo