Giro d'Italia Stage 11: Lucera - L'Aquila (262km)

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Frosty said:
Maybe there will be an attack on stage 13 but wont anyone who gets dropped there be dropped in the mountains anyway? If stage 13 is too much then there will be losing huge chunks of time on the following few days and so they will drop down the GC anyway. There is still the possibility of someone having a bad day, such as Sastre, or still being tired from the effort of the previous few days.

Maybe the most likely attacker would be Kiserkovski or Agnoli? Or just one team sets a high tempo to see who they can shake out/who looks strong etc, so they have a better idea of who will be strong in the coming few days?

Having said all that it wouldnt amaze with this race if the GC gets shuffled again today:D

Well the best one day riders - Evans, Vino and Cunego are perfectly suited, if they get 30seconds on the bunch plus a couple of bonus seconds, it's 30seconds that might win them the race.
Crazy Giro!

Interesting composition and size in the front group today. Love how it was called the break ... approx 50 riders is not a break, it is the first group!

Huge f*ck up by the favorites today, huge, with special mention towards Astana and Leaky. Nice poker game by both teams, as both failed! Not surprised that they blamed each other. With the risks being what they were, it should have been hard tempo the moment this got between 5 and 10 minutes to keep the gap under control, not a time to play games like amateurs. More importantly, with Tondo and Sastre in the group, Evans, Vino and the Leaky boys should have been in there and much, much more attentive. The race may not be over, but it just got a lot more difficult for the folks that were caught out, and they still had to burn matches yesterday.

This is one crazy and interesting race!
Jul 17, 2009
And just like that, Wiggo is within in 8 min and 3 up on main GC contenders.

What does Stage 11 say about Sky now? Did they just get lucky?