Giro d'Italia stage 20, Stage 20: Alba – Sestriere 190 km

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Oct 12, 2020
I said a couple of years ago that (at the time) Sky would eventually put Egan Bernal to work supporting Tao Geogeghan Hart, but that was me being facetious about their ability to transform the British riders but not succeed with the riders that were seen as sure things when they signed them. Now it might actually be a possibility, even after Ineos took over and make the team a less nationalistic concern than it was in the Sky days... and it might even, depending on race situation, be merited. WTF am I watching.
Can we please stop the knee-jerk reactions lol
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I could only tune in when Kelderman's group reached the finish. Need to watch the replay. But it turned out it's not so complicated to predict anyway since Piancavallo, new age battle's always been up ahead, Jai vs Tao.
My problem isn't that the faces are new, my problem is that I'm still very unsure about how good the level in this giro actually was. I just don't know whether those guys are now consistently gonna compete for gt's for the next decade or whether this was a Hesjedal like one off.
I think you have to enjoy the racing for the racing.

Context matters in the grand scheme of things but on a race to race basis it doesn't. I'm always going to enjoy watching two riders racing shoulder to shoulder for miles over some punishing climbs to bring themselves back from also rans, to outsiders, to contenders and finally to become the last men standing.

I'm sure the standard at the tour was higher, but we sure spent a lot of that being disappointed in how the GC was raced.

Just glad that Hindley gets to wear the jersey, if only for a day
Yes, very well deserved for him to spend a day in the sun

Bilbao will lose his fourth place.
Agreed. You really have to admire Almeida today. I t would have been so easy to sit and think I've done my best but instead they tried to go on the attack and they're likely to gain one place even if they won't sneak back onto the podium off the back of it.