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GP Quebec (8-9-2017) and GP Montreal (10-9-2017) WT

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Last two laps were really nice. Well actually last 50km

Great race unlike Quebec! Nice tactics and win by UAE with Ulissi. I thought Slagter would have it when he was in his wheel but he kinda died.

I don't understand why Mollema did such an effort to catch Gallopin.. tactical suicide. :lol:

Also saw a real strong Henao and Wellens, but they were caught in the peloton..

Screecher said:
Absolutely pathetic racing from GVA and Matthews. Not a single pull from them, through we're used to that from Matthews, but not GVA.

Matthews couldn't even follow Dumoulin when he tried to bring him back to Sagan's wheel. Absolutely pathetic that Dumoulin had to sacrifise himself again for Matthews. I'm really pissed off about that.
Jun 30, 2014
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I guess someone just earned himself a spot on the Italian team for the WC, Felline has no form and Nibali crashed hard yesterday, so I'd say just bring him to Bergen and send him on the attack.