Grands Prix Cyclistes de Canada (Québec & Montréal) - 1.WT2

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I used to think of these as tough races and a nice addition to someone's palmeres, but they seem somehow less now? Is it the courses that have changed or the riders (or just me :rolleyes:)? Would still love to go watch them someday, since they are at least on the same continent I am.
Still nice races to win but I think it’s more that the novelty has worn off and an element of ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ means that now all the riders and teams are very well attuned to the parcours the racing has become a lot more controlled and formulaic.

Still worth watching for the top class lineup and to see who is shaping up well ahead of the Worlds.
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Jezus, they hesitated too long after such a brilliant finale and Bling stealths it away.
Glad too see Greg totally up there with Alaphilippe and Sagan. Promising for the coming races.
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