Guess Who - Game

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There's a hidden asterisk after the "No" to the 1-week stage race question for a reason.

Does he ride on aqua blue sport? No
Are you counting binckbank tour as a Netherlands world tour stage race when it is Netherlands and belgium? No*
Pim Ligthart? No


The reason I picked him had to do with why he was mentioned a handful of times by a particular poster on here during last year.

BTW, you should be able to either narrow down team first or what he has won. ;)

To sum up the answers:

He is an active Belgian cyclist on a Belgian procontinental team. He has hair and he is born before 1990/01/01. He is a leader on his team and he has won a cat.1 race or above, though not of WT status. He is a rouleur and he has never participated in the WC.


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