Guess Who - Game

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Correct, I was relying on an amount of stmbling around South American/Antipodean nationalities, but hitting on Asian so quickly, especially paired with the high pitched age question for a current rider, made that a short game.

I now find myself wanting to get the exact ratios of stripe widths and dimensions of the arm and side panels to determine whether the Nippo Delko Provence is more blue than white or not. #tryingtofilltimeduringlockdown

And what does "the same team in 2018 and 2019?" mean: Same team in 2018 as 2019 (as I read it) or "same team in both of those years as now, so now on same team for 3rd year in a row", as I suspect might have been initended?
My colour question was unfair in that it forced you to give away a lot.

Indeed, what I meant was 3rd year in a row.

But funnily enough I tought a Japanese was due right at the start. Now of course I'm taking a Belgian or Italian from a non WT-team who has not won anything this year... No, nonsense. Shoot!
Male? Yes.
Active? No.
Retired before 2010? No.
First letter of surname or first name is K. I'm a very stiff person who does not use nicknames.
Last letter of surname is not v.
Not Kiryienka.
Not Kennaugh.
Rode for WT-team in his last season.
Not from country with GT or monument.
No blue in his flag.
Forename does not end in R.



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