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Velolover2 said:
Son of Amsterhammer said:
Bevin shouldn’t lose now.
Porte only needs 12 seconds on him if he doesn't finish in top 3.

It's not over yet but the strong headwind makes it a challenge. There is also Impey but I don't think he can drop a motived Bevin on such as climb. Outsprint him at best.

If anything Bevin looked a bit stronger in the climb yesterday
Rewatched the last part of the stage. Bennett looked like the strongest man on the climb. A shame Willunga Hill doesn't suit his characteristics. It's much more high cadence than Corkscrew hill.

"I hate Willunga Hill. There's nothing good about that hill. I gave it a nudge and I'll go for it for sure but it's just niggly. That was the strongest group you could hope for and we all committed. Everyone was in but the average weight for that group was probably about 60kg. it was good to test the legs and I was really surprised."