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Il Lombardia 2019, one day classic, October 12

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He didn't choke...he rode hard closing gaps and made a big attack. It's called using yourself up.
Lol. I understand protecting a rider you're a fan of, but he was on Valverde's wheel after the descent and then just stopped riding, looking at Fuglsang. That is very much a fatal error that could've been prevented and it cost him.
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Jul 4, 2016
A watershed moment for Roglic. He doesn't have the endurance to win a race as hard as this or a GT with a proper route. Valverde blows it again. Mollema gets the big win of his career, fantastic. I'm not a fan of his, but he really deserves this. Nobody tries harder than Bauke.
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Great and much deserved win by Mollema, went at the right moment and benefitted from the classic case of rivals watching each other instead of cooperating in chasing at crucial points of the race.

Nice race in the end and a good way to end the Italian autumn classics season. Haven't been able to watch smaller races leading up to Lombardia as much as I would have liked, but at least the big one did not disappoint. It was more of an attritional race than last couple of years but not bad at all.

Now Paris-Tours tomorrow and then that's that for season 2019 on the road.
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