Il Lombardia 2019, one day classic, October 12

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Bro this was obviously a joke, it's this running gag about Mollemas riding style. I like Mollema in fact, just his riding looks atrocious.
You seem to be kind of obsessed with it.
Besides, Mollema's riding style isn't that bad. I mean… come one! Have you seen Chris Anker Sørensen on a bike? Have you seen Chris Froome on a bike?
There are probably others - also some not named 'Chris' - with a worse style than Mollema.
It's splendid to see an eternal subtop rider finally catch that one big fish. Maybe he wasn't the strongest, but he was definitely the smartest, and strong enough to stay away. His fighting spirit and tactical gumption have been rewarded.

I didn't even give him one star before the race, because I thought, he's always top 10 but never wins. Today he finally managed to turn that around.
Funny you mention Dan Martin. Exactly same generation as Mollema, battled each other in many races. Martin being more succesful due to his explosiveness in classics. Mollema better in GT's due to sheer willpower / refusal to give up. And yet they still won similar races as well.