Il Lombardia 2022, one day monument, October 8, farewell to Nibali and Valverde

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I always though of Valverde as Mr. Consistency, much like prime Roglic. He could turn up to any race and win it throughout the season, and was in form for most of the season. He was number one by points for a lot of years.

Whereas Nibali seemed to target specific races, mostly GTs obviously, of which he won all of them. But compared to Valverde he had a lot of peaks in forms, so in some races he wasn't as consistent, or only did them as training.
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Eurosport/GCN showing the race live from 1100 CET.

I think Valverde has handed Mas the chalice of eternal success, and he will cement his week-old reputation as the best one-day rider in the world*

*Or Movistar realise they'll be relegated without Bala's points, so the other riders have to put a shift in.
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