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Il Lombardia 2023

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Who will win and why?

  • Tadej Pogačar

    Votes: 69 53.5%
  • Remco Evenepoel

    Votes: 20 15.5%
  • Someone else

    Votes: 40 31.0%

  • Total voters
I picked Pog but would be happy if Roglic won. On Pog he seemed strangely quiet in the latter stages of Tre Valli Varesine. I think Pog might have been saving his legs for Lombardia?
Kind of the opposite of Carapaz. If he wanted to win Lombardia, he should have stuck to the shadows. Now everyone remembers that he's a threat. But I guess he got some decent UCI points with that 2nd.
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This is just the poll thread. I'm sure a race thread will be opened before Saturday.
Who is going to go to all that bother? Way too much hassle and we don’t need it. Ppl can post their attacks and gloating here. Contrast the showboating of ppl if their favourite rider wins with all the posts where they trashed Lombardia as the “worst of the monuments” and you’ve got what we call the forum.
Pog is the favourite which makes him a boring prediction so I’ll go for Remco, mainly for the SHlTSTORM we’d have on the forum.
Also not a very good OP. I don't know how good an idea it is to open a thread for the race that early.

Maybe there should be general threads for each monument and then a specific thread for each edition as there are now.

Early threads also increase the odds of someone accidentally forgetting about their existence, which as we know can have horrible consequences.
Pog didn't show spectacular form in the races leading to his Lombardy victories. He was decent recently but will peak for one-day, like he did before (not only in Lombardy but also in WC or even Flandres).
Pog used alot more energy compared to Rog in Giro dell'Emillia on the last lap and especially on last San Luca climb. Rog did his one shot of which the finish suits him excellent.
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