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João Almeida - Bota Lume

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Ridiculous. So technically any of the other top 3 could also test positive in the coming days. They ride alongside of him.

Well, on most of the climbs.
No problem. They worked all the time to keep a safety distance to him. I thought they were fearing him for GC, but now I understand some of opinions here, they didn't care about him they just wanted Covid safety distance.
Wow, spectacular news.

Now, imagine that the same would happen to Pogi, and Pogi would have to leave the Tour in week three, due to Covid. Then Primoz could win the Tour de France…

I‘m really sorry for Almeida… :(

For his health, though, it‘s better he‘s not starting any more. Friday, and the weekend, would have been three stages of full gas for him, and that‘s not good when he has the Covid virus in his system. I hope he recovers well and quickly, and would love to see him on the Vuelta podium.
He might have some symptoms, we don't know. It could explain why he had problems recovering from the previous stage.

Either way, covid can be very aggressive on the lungs and the remaining stages are quite hard. Better safe than sorry.
One more mytical suffering performance by João: chasing alone strongest climbers in the race for kms, with Covid in the lungs, and managing to loose only 1 min mainly due to domestic support. More seriously, hope he recovers well from the infection and can race at top level soon.
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It would be the ultimate Nibs victory to win it after the top-4 went away with Covid in the last 3 days of the race.

Exactly… Sadly, since Pantani in Madonna di Campiglio, we have been knowing that the Giro isn‘t over till it‘s over.

Federations, organizers, rival teams, rival riders certainly have the possibility to make a certain rider test positive for Covid. Either, they infect him, or, they make a negative test sample a positive one.

I love pro cycling, but it has always attracted people with criminal energy, and probably always will. Covid has become a factor, and decides about victory and podium or DNF/DNS. :(
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Not that strange to get sick after weeks of racing. Your body being very tired at this point. It is easier to get sick and riding on could be dangerous to his health. You shouldnt train or race while sick, even though we all have probably done that with a cold or something in the past. It could be very bad for the heart and so on. No need for him to fight on for a 4th or 5th place, even though with a positive test he would not be able to anyway.
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