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João Almeida - Bota Lume

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Yeah I expected that. I expect Majka probably wants a free role, at least to some extent. And Soler definitely would want freedom since it's Spain.

If those guys will actually all go there that is.

So if all indians must be chiefs, it means someone maybe, if lucky, gets a stage but the team ain't gonna grab a GC. Worst case scenario is 1-2 crashes/covid/dns so no stages and no GC.
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Yes it’s truly ugly and doesn’t make any justice to our flag but what’s the point, it’s not like they will change it if we rage against UAE!
That hasn't stopped Portuguese fans from raging before.

I know you forum guys are not the crazy Portuguese fans, but I wish the crazy type would rage. And you never know. Stranger things than changes of jersey has happened.

(For example a PCS streamer being an analyst for the best cycling team in the world :joycat:)
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Indeed you were right at with your comment, Almeida seemed a bit off in those first stages but he's bulding form slowly so he can be at his peak in La Vuelta when it matters the most
Yeah to think he'll doing two GC GT this year is a bit insane considering he absolutely didn't want to do it previously. But I guess having to quit due to covid got him extra motivated.

I'm hyped on the Remco - Almeida showdown. They should have about equally "good" support from their teams :D
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