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I think the duration for healing might depend upon whether there is some additional ligament damage beyond a simple dislocation. From my experience—soft tissue injuries can sometimes take longer to heal than broken bones.

Lefevere doesn't feel Alaphilippe should participate in worlds. Alaphilippe you now know what you have to do.
If he feel he has any chance of doing himself justice then he should go, cant let himself pass it by if he can compete. Then he would just left wondering what could have been.
I also think France could use him even if he isn't 100 percent, could use him as bait + the extra man
Of the top-11 yesterday, he was the one farthest back in the peloton on Poggio (Turgis was second farthest back, near Ewan and Girmay). By a lot.

Asgreen is the QS rider you almost can't see right to an Ineos rider and he moves up ahead of Stuyven when Wellens accelerates. Alaphilippe is the one with the missing number.

So I think he would have crested the top together with Pedersen and Mohorič, if he was positioned better.
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At exactly 12km to go, as they come out of a bend, Ala is in about 15th position. He has a small issue, which causes him to slow down and lose quite a few places. At that point it's basically over unless he had super legs. Not sure exactly what happened, but maybe he dropped his chain or had to unclip.
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There's always a valid reason to explain why a good cyclist wasn't able to perform his very best in a certain race. Tactics. Mechanical issues. Race dynamics. Bad luck. Illness. Crashes. Unsuited body composition.

But the thing is: the very best cyclists are able to shine in spite of unfavourable conditions.

Alaphillipe himself proved so on many occasions (Leuven 2021, or the entire 2019 Tour. ) Hope he can regain this aura and we don't regress to endless post-race repetitions of 'if not for X or Y, then maybe...'
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