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What happened to Brenner yesterday? He lost a ton of time.
Alessio Martinelli said that they raced aggressively and managed to isolate Brenner early on in the race. I think Brenner just got cooked having to chase by himself. Piccolo profited and at some point joined a leading group of 13 way before the final climb and that was the end of that.
Jul 31, 2019
And the German team in no way protected his leadership. On the contrary; his German team members who were very active in the breakaway.
He had some revenge today. But not enough to win the tour.
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Sheffield is ready to take over from Simmons next year. And I guess Simmons won't have any problems with transition to U23 level next year, he is just so immensely strong. Red hot favourite for Yorkshire.

In transfer news: Colpack have signed up another Italian top Junior in Alessio Martinelli. Tirol got German classics guy Leslie Lührs and some rumours suggest that Georg Steinhauser might join him. Two very solid signings. Sunweb devo got their hands on another two great prospects in Leo Hayter and Vegard Stokke.
In not so surprising news: Simmons won the time trial. In the afternoon there'll be another stage that includes some climbing over the Hoge Blekker. Bufoni is also today with a good startlist, and it's a great indicator of what's to come in Yorkshire.
Ayuso has been flying in the Spanish circuit. 3/3 so far. It was already a two horse race, but with the disappearance of Rodriguez that gap has only widened. Le Huitouze, after his training camp with FDJ, has been doing the same in France. KBK juniors also this afternoon. Not exactly fully international yet, but a few interesting names at the start. Ponomar's there, of course a big representation of Belgians, Dutchies and the Brits are making an entrance with the likes of Joe Pidcock (Tom's little brother), Ockar Nilsson-Julien, Jack Rootkin-Gray and Max Poole.
Really really strong. Definitely looking forward to see him in the stage races with this power he has.

There was some chatter about Ayuso riding a UAE Colnago bike, Matxin is really doing his job with the talent development.
Sounds familiar.

I have no idea about talents pre-junior. I've heard his name but that's about it. Is he a guy that might put some pressure on the 2nd juniors already, or is the gap with Vacek, Brenner, Ponomar... too big?
I would put Ayuso up there, instead of M. Vacek and Ponomar. That said, it's hard to determine. Applying simple logic, I'd say no one dare touch those two on Altenberg later on in the season, but the same thing was thought of Evenepoel and K. Vacek, who were challenged by a first year Tiberi. Talent always prevails in the end, and it's clear Uijtdebroeks has it in spades.