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Lance Armstrong popularity check

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mountainrman said:
And so do I get to the point.

There is no absolute standard for cycling punishments, they are so variable it is hard to find a pattern - and cycling only pays lip service to its own rule book anyway.

All you can do is compare punishments in relative terms.

And in that comparison armstrong was clearly more harshly treated than Riis (still in the sport, still has TdF title, managing teams heavily implicated in doping since). No Ban at all, that I am aware of, unlike Bruyneel now kicked out of the sport.

And Armstrongs punishment is outrageous compared to Hincapie, who got no punishment at all ( 6 months over winter AFTER retiring, and riding last TdF) despite extorting money from the sport for an entire career of doping, and helping Lance every inch to "victory" as a willing and committed helper. If George opposed the treatment of Emma and Betsy WHY DIDNT HE LEAVE??? He knew the truth! By not speaking out or leaving, he is just as guilty, complicit from start to finish. Accessory before, during and after the fact. .

Neither riis nor hincapie "confessed" till it cost them nothing.

So Armstrong WAS harshly treated - no doubt about it.

Not as harshly as Rasmussen - a defacto ban for life by the efforts of UCI to prevent him joining any other team. His crime? Lying once on his whereabouts form! Unlike unrepetant doper Vinkourov, helped backinto the sport.

Intimidation - and defaming those who speak out deserves an extra ban for sure - Lance did it in aparticularly nasty way. But then - Mcquaid is guilty of that too. Where is his sanction? He deserves a several year ban for abusing his position to defame all who spoke out against lance - and even suing **** Pound of WADA for saying similar - now attacking journalists legally(personally), not the papers who publish their writings. Where is McQuaids lifetime ban?

Cycling has to start (a) Having a set of rules (b) enforcing them equally and everywhere without fear or favour (c) using a proper justice process to do it.

(- and that must include in spain and for such as Contador) to ever get back credibility.

Right now it is a laughing stock, that makes a mockery of "Justice"
and such as Hincapie getting off free, makes it worse.

Travis Tygart likes to say in his smug self satisfied manner "lance was given the same chance to be part of the solution" . No he wasnt. The rest were granted immunity. So lance cannot speak out. Period. A far reaching difference. If there was a conspiracy to defraud USPS (TBD, and sub judice) Hincapie was a substantive part of it. IN real law, unlike cycling law, not being the "boss" is no defence.

I completely agree with you where Lance has been treated differently from not just USADA, UCI, and specially the fans.

I'm wondering why is that? Have you asked yourself that question?

Let's forget USADA and UCI for the moment, let's concentrate in the fans.....

Is it because 89.99% of the Fans don't know who GH and the rest of riders are? No big endorsement, or Cancer research (yes I know is awareness but we're talking about fans here who imagine white coat doctors in a lab researching the cure of cancer) like they say in my country: The bigger the toad, the bigger the Stone you need to kill it.
Mar 26, 2009
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blackcat said:
and Im talking 2007. He won that Tour.

It's not the same as Armstrong, Landis, or Contador winning tours then later having those wins taken away, Rasmussen didn't even finish riding that tour, so hadn't even won the race "on the road".

There must be a thread somewhere for "would Rasmussen have won the tour if he hadn't been pulled?".
Jul 10, 2010
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I don't feel sorry for LA, but then, I never particularly liked LA. He was from Texas, a big black mark right there, in my book. Nothing good has come from Texas in many a long year. Probably some time before LBJ. There is some good cooking to be had down around Brownsville though. But that tiny corner of an otherwise abysmal state is not enough to redeem it.
thehog said:
The distancing of those associated with Lance Armstrong continues, even here in Jacksonville.

The Women’s Board of Wolfson Children’s Hospital said Tuesday it has agreed to cancel Armstrong’s appearance as a speaker for its 2012-13 Florida Forum. The series, which raises money and awareness for the hospital, is organized by the board.

Chuckles :rolleyes:

Lance is still listed on the Distinguished Speaker Series here in SoCal. He is scheduled to give 3 speeches in May. Let's see what happens.

Mar 13, 2009
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silverrocket said:
It's not the same as Armstrong, Landis, or Contador winning tours then later having those wins taken away, Rasmussen didn't even finish riding that tour, so hadn't even won the race "on the road".

There must be a thread somewhere for "would Rasmussen have won the tour if he hadn't been pulled?".
there is no question. He did win the Tour. It was over. Kaput.

They plucked the chicken
Oct 12, 2012
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A dutch judge is set to start hearings on the very subject of rasmussen winning or not, in regards to the amount of severance money rabo needs to pay to rasmussen. The judge has allready determined that Rabo had no right to sack Rasmussen on the spot and had awarded a hefty sum (€ 700k) to rasmussen, but both parties were unhappy with the rulling. Rasmussen is demanding € 5,5M in lost wages, tour winnings, criterium profits, carreer earnings

on the witness list for Rabobank:

Theo de Rooij
Geert Leinders
Erik Breuking
Vincent Pijpers (sponsor rep)
Sep 23, 2009
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thehog said:
Pantani died of a broken heart.

He never would have started taking coke if it wasn't for his PED use.

That is nonsense, you have no idea what was going on in his mind, the mind of an addict, those minds do and think things and obsess about them in a way every day Joe dozen't even blink at. He would never have ridden as he did if he was not of an addictive disposition, it made his low self worth worthwhile because he was, at last, good at something and got recognition for it that would never have materialised otherwise!!