Lesser Known Race Results 2020

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In Langkawi Taj Jones pips Walscheid for the win.
And the graphics were… rather confusing; first the distance to the lone remaining breakaway man was listed as being 1.45 at around 5 K to go, then at 3 K to go you could clearly see the peloton behind him, and finally at 4 Ks to go, the graphic got corrected to 0.10...
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Ridiculous, Bauhaus should be relegated for that second swerve. If it was Bouhanni who did it, he would have been relegated instantly followed by headlines like "Aggressive Bouhanni relegated after trade-mark dirty sprint", possibly with references to past misdeeds
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Great race by O'Connor - he was working for Valgren all day, and when Valgren didn't have the legs, he took it himself.

Also I am noticing NTT riding the races a LOT differently this year - much more coordinated and much more sacrificing for each other - definitely a team on the rise :)
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