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Lesser known races 2023 edition

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I find it strange that after Vine lost his chance at GC, that he has actively been chasing the KOM which is the domain of PCT or CT teams in this level of race.
maybe it got him another one of those.

Yeah... I meant why those specific riders were being pointed out.
When I got on, the trio that battled it out for the win was already ahead, and they didn't really show the chase, apart from Van Gils.
Okay but there was also a time that showed how far each rider was behind (I know that requires a familiarity to numbers).

Oh, and the Japanese name for EF was apparently just EF with our letters, so that was one more thing to cling to.
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I presumed Tarling would ride track in Paris (Team Pursuit) but on current trajectory would be in the 3/4 top favourites for the TT- the only thing against him would be lack of Tour in the legs as the others will have ridden the tour
plus the lack of starting spots, as he probably isn't really an option for the road race. Are teams still allowed to line up track riders for the ITT?
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okay, so TP + ITT is probably the way to go. Or ITT only and for the road race they bring in Pidcock from the MTB quota.
Last year I asked his dad whether this was on Josh' mind, but I did not get an answer unfortunately.

I would assume this is the way to go, but in the last two seasons he hasn't done any track cycling other than the TP in Anadia in the U23 euros and the IP in the Commonwealth Games, despite Team GB being many men down in Glasgow this year.