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Lesser known races 2023 edition

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Aha Izagirre being in top form around Itzulia, what a surprise. Impressive win tho.

I was rooting for him, really great to see him win after that horrible crash in the Gran Camino race.


I think this even calls for Aukera berriak

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggxfZlheUHU
Morgado 13th in Volta Limburg.

Even more impressive given that he wasn't a part of the groups that formed first and arrived 8 minutes before the bunch.

And he said he has been sick after Rhodes and today would be riding in support of another rider.

Given that the peloton finished on 14 minutes I don't think they tried anymore. Morgado finished together with Van der Meulen, also a big talent, but I think they just were the only ones from the peloton still interested in going full the last 20km.

Great result for someone his age obviously, but I don't think this was super special either.
I wonder about that in tennis a lot more than in cycling.
Yeah, but with cyclists having to worry about way less technical aspects one would think that they'd work on the few things that are important. Otherwise you have guys like Ulissi who trained like the pros in the junior ranks (motopaced training session even in the off season around chrismas) but never work on their bad descending skills.
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Who is Murgado ? Don't know him
He is the Portuguese prodigy, The Flying Moustache, who dominated the Iberian scenes in laughable fashion not seen since ... Valverde? He won about 60 races in two years, and that could have been even more if not for some covid cancellations and gifting a win here and there to Tavares or other Bairrada teammates. He just for some odd reason never could get the big one on the international scene. Always someone just a little faster, always someone just a little stronger. Then, when it was finally his time, after attacking all day, he had the gold medal in Wollongong in his grasp but got taken over by Herzog and lost the sprint with about 5 mm.

His only international win was the GC in Lunigiana, which he won after coming 2nd almost every day, lol.
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