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Lesser known races 2023 edition

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Someone won a 20 minute time trial by almost three minutes, give this man a WorldTour contract! Welp, not so fast, because witnesses have seen this man pull a Demare and get pulled by a car. Coincidentally he is the only rider not to upload his Strava file of this race, I wonder why that is.

From 3 minutes faster than 2nd place, to 41st and almost dead last at almost 6 minutes. :sweatsmile: :sweatsmile: :sweatsmile:
I can feel a first pro victory coming for Gregoire in the coming 20 minutes.

Wrong FDJ guy.

(Just to clarify; I'm not saying Penhoët is wrong. Just that he's not Gregoire. Gregoire was 10th)

Also, Norsgaard won GP Herning, and went for one of the stranger victory celebrations:


(Likely a reference to the fact that he broke his leg pretty badly a few years ago)

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Laureano Rosas won the gc of the Vuelta a Formosa Internacional ahead of the Highlander Oscar Sevilla, MAL finished 4th.
4 days of racing with 2 half stages on the final day, one of them being an ITT, and all flat. That said, looking at the speeds they raced this one really hard. Stage 3 was 190km long and the average speed was 49.5 km/h, stage 1 was 140kms and raced at 48.8 km/h.
Rosas won 2 sprint stages and finished 2nd in the 8km half stage ITT, 2sec behind Sevilla (MAL was 4th, 10sec behind).

Probably not a bad race for the Italian track guys who rode it with the NT, some quality work to improve their endurance.
50ish Ks to go in Wallonie, after an extended neutralisation because of some medical emergerncy - but maybe not a crash? - right on the route.
5-man break has around 1:20.

Meanwhile, over in France, Thomas looks good to take the ITT.
Was a (2 motards) accident on the road before the race had to pass there. Had to wait for medical assistance and had to be sure the local lap was safe again for the riders. 45km less.

Politt tried to set up an echelon.