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Lesser known races 2023 edition

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About the Tour of Japan, I think the gc will be a battle between Earle, Dyball, Lebas, Budyak, Benji Prades & Paco Mancebo and maybe Sainbayar.
Mount Fuji should b too much for someone like Lamperti. I kinda expect the Aussie Spuniks to be the main gc guys, but it's hard to say at this stage.
Yeah, I can't see how Lamperti will be able to hold on with grades like the ones on that climb. Suppose you never know but.......
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The guy with one of the best hairdos in the pro peloton, Filippo Fortin, won stage 1 in Estonia:

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Lazkano probably on his way to the win (and GC) in Mayenne probably if he's able to drop his breakaway compagnions. Incredible tactics from the French teams, Giro is bad, but this might be even worse. FDJ was chasing an early break, closing them down easily, when out of nowhere AG2R, Cofidis & Arkea starts attacking mid race. Lazkano then jumped to the early breakaway and then all of the French teams just stopped riding and gave him 4 minutes like he's some random conti team rider.

And even now it's the foreign teams that needs to do the work and not AG2R and Cofidis for Cosnefroy and Zingle for example.

EDIT: 12km left 1'47. Stilll 5guys in the lead (Lazkano hasn't dropped his compagnions yet).

EDIT 2: 8km, Lazkano solo, still a big lead. He has this in the bag.
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Yeah, they're usually quite good at telling everyone how awesome they think they are.

They're quite good at the important stuff:
Live updates.
Results up fairly quickly.
(Preliminary) startlists.
Navigation of upcoming races.
Navigation of teams.
And of course the various - sometimes quite funny - statistics that give them their name.

Firstcycling is a close second.
CyclingQuotient is only useful for getting the "correct" names for the various CQ games.
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