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Lesser known races 2023 edition

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Finley Pickering trying to do a 150km solo in Isère Tour. He had 6' minutes at some point, but Van Eetvelt and Onley already countered with 60km to go. We probably will be getting a good duel between the duo. Incredibly hard stage. Already 4 climbs done, 2 steep ones to go.

EDIT: situation is Pickering with 4'30 to a 30 man group now. With 50k to go they start climbing again. Pickering is 3'38 behind Van Eetvelt in GC.

EDIT 2: Pickering 4' ahead of LVE and Onley (LVE attacked, Onley catched him a km later).
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Baril wins at Eibar - It's a hollow result because Baril dropped down to the UAE development squad to win the race - I am fine with riders jumping up from the Development squad to ride for the senior squad BUT it should not go the other way.
Who's this Belgian guy then since everyone knows him and I dont
Indeed the son of Sven Nys, who is a cyclocross legend.

Thibau himself just became U23 world champion CX, and took the rainbows as a junior as well. Two years ago, with zero international experience whatsoever, he became European champion U23 on the road, beating Baroncini and Ayuso. In Italy, no less. The fact that you didn't hear of him before honestly surprises me.