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Lesser known races 2023 edition

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Indeed the son of Sven Nys, who is a cyclocross legend.

Thibau himself just became U23 world champion CX, and took the rainbows as a junior as well. Two years ago, with zero international experience whatsoever, he became European champion U23 on the road, beating Baroncini and Ayuso. In Italy, no less. The fact that you didn't hear of him before honestly surprises me.
I know who is Sven Nys obviously but I don't watch junior and u23s racing , especially not in CX, so don't know a lot of very young talents that are getting hyped. I guess that's why I don't know him, I also didn't realise he was sven nys son, Nys has to be common name in Belgium right?

But yeah obvious also I'm not Belgian so don't read the Belgian press, and people were in the last 2 months talking about this Nys on trek like he was a celebrity that I should know, but I was clueless Thanks for answer . Shame I can't be born into such talent
It's not an U23 thing either, for FDJ once sent Reichenbach to Alsace

yeah, there is no restriction:


van Eetvelt needed a stage race to get going again, I guess, and from DSM's press release it read like they wanted the youngsters to get an idea what it's like to work for a leader.

In general, I don't think it's a bad rule. Although I still find it odd that WT (2+4) and Devo team (4+2) can be the same on 2.1 level.
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Gianluca Pollefliet (Lotto DT) just won the U23 version of the Omloop yesterday. What are the chances he might become sprinter°2 behind de Lie for Lotto next year if Ewan leaves?


1. Cause the chances that Ewan leaves are really small
2. Cause the chances that Pollefliet will go pro with Lotto after this season are existent, but pretty small too. Lotto doesn't have that many open spots, needs other types of riders and there are u23 riders who simply had a better season (like De Decker for example). Pollefliet isn't ready, a win in u23 Omloop isn't super high level. He's also fast, but not super fast.
3. Cause Lotto still has Menten and Van de Paar.
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How do they determine whether it's "WT with four Devo riders guest-riding", or "Devo team with 2 WT riders guest-riding"? Is it basically whatever the team in question says? I guess the race organisation could also make request.
yeah, it's an arrangement between the team and the organiser. Inviting WT teams comes with a bit more start money, but also adds some marketing value, so I guess most races will prefer that option.