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Lesser known races 2024 edition

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I dont undderstand why IPT is always working at the front in lot of races as if they have the favourite rider. For sure Froome he would have been working as much as possible.
Maybe publicitary issues, I dont know, but other teams have more reasons to work. They have good card sto play, strong team to work, yes, but not the favourites, so keep you riders and attack at the end.
There are some races workin g all day to get nothing, even not a top ten at the end...
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Not sure about Lotto's tactics here, Eenkhoorn doesn't look strong enough to finish it off and they have Menten behind.

Typical Lotto tactics. I don't see them winning from the front group either. But this is Eenkhoorns home race ofcourse, he skips RVV for this so yeah.

Alpecin should have this in the bag. Still 3 guys with the 2 fastest guys there. And for some reason others keep riding with them.
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