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Lesser known races 2024 edition

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Yep, this is stage 20 of this year's Tour in comparison -

Last year's Mercan'Tour Classic had Carapaz, Gall & the two Lennys battling it out.
Today is longer, but that stagee is even harder. Lenny is at home an is for me the main favoutite. IPT has maybe the stronger team we will see who is the leader, ,and how is people becouse this year they compite very little. G. Martin, Gaudu, Formolo, Sosa, Sapulveda, C Rodriguez..are other important names to follow.

From my country as well Garcia Pierna, and the team of my land, Burgos BH which names as Mario aparicio or Jose Manuel Diaz can do it very well.
For froome there is no excuses here, a good race for him, close to home, good weather.... The only problem he has not compete from his injury at Tirreno, long time ago...and with Williams and Bennet maybe he has to work, but I hope in that cas, just at the end. if he is not to be top 20 here, he has difficult to be at le Tour. I dont say anythoing about my feelings, just hope good luck. It would be great to see him at a good level.
Only 94 riders in the Mercan Tour Classic today. What is this, the Olympics?
An absurd amount of duckery going on with other teams choosing instead to prepare for races like Dauphine and Suisse by training. There can only be one reason.

'Fully recovered, just come down from altitude'

This is the opening act in what should be a great summer of Dawgwatch