Lesser known races thread 2021

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So... over in Belgium Tobias Lund was initially on the startlist for DSM, but was replaced by Asbjørn Kragh - I suspect lingering effects of that concussion he got at the ToD... - but then on-screen graphics decided to just merge them into one guy called "Tobias Andersen".

DSM just identified the guy in question as Tobias Lund... guess PCS just decided to swap the startlist for some reason...
Hm, van der Poel has either taken one of Alaphilippe's bike yoga classes or he feels his back.
He already had the habit of stretching his back that way long before this issues. But then again, I saw some grimaces that might indicate that the pain is still there.

But with or without pain, it was a decent return to racing. A win after 2 months without racing (I'm not going to count half a lap of Tokyo as racing) is good.
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