Lesser known races thread 2021

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Looked that way to me as well.

And yesterday he rode on the front on the Monte Serra like TGH was one of the race favorites when TGH was almost at the back of the group at that point so he probably was riding for someone else.
Being kind about today, I think probably realised he didn't have the legs to get away from the group on the flat or the climb, particularly the EF duo. So the last few K he went into Azzurri mode :)
Sep 6, 2021
Sagan had a good sprint in his legs - He can win a stage.
Around fifteen kilometres to the finish line, there is a small climb (4.87 km long and 3,5%), where Bora might keep up pace and, at least, try to drop Morkov. Then it would be much more easier for Sagan to claim the stage and possibly, to do a huge step towards overall victory. Sagan and Hodeg are looking quite even in terms of top speed and both of them are faster than another best competitor Bol (or at least, today they were).
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Judging from the result alone, I see it was another win for Mørkøv :D
Morkov was super again, Steimle also did great work. The more I see the clearer it gets that Hodeg has the speed, but you need to deliver him more or less in front, because as soon as he's supposed to use his elbows or find his way through wheels and riders, he totally avoids that and rather stops. He rather takes the way outside around than get involved in the mess of a typical bunch sprint... today he was behind again, then they came around on the outside and in the end Morkov led him out... that worked.
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He's renewed for two years. Think he had injuries at the start of this season but looks like he can develop along the lines of Honore and seems to have more of a punch.
More punch I think, but also more of a classics rider while Honoré is more of a climber. In the best case I think Steimle could develop into the Asgreen direction... but although he's strong that's still a long way.
McDonald: If you weren't with us yesterday, you can just see Peter Sagan moving up.
Not entirely correct! I watched yesterday, I saw Sagan moving up.

Less than 20 Ks to go in Flanders, small group almost caught.

Around 30 Ks to go in Slovakia, I can't tell you how much the break has.