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Marco Pantani?

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Dazed and Confused said:
Frankly, most of it sounds like cheap PR in the run up to a film release.

As with the fellow Armstrong, its definitely time to deliver real information.

Cheap PR though it very well may be, Tonina certainly couldn't care less about that and is firmly convinced that there were parties working behind the scenes that have more to tell about how cycling operated at the time of her son's downfall and death, which have to this day remained silent.

She believes thus that "real information" has been willfully concealed and that, apparently from her latest statements, that Armstrong might be a conduit to it being revealed, and therefore wishes to confront him. Whether or not she is merely delusional about the existence of such information, can only of course be verified by its disclosure.

It's a mother's fight over the memory of her son, and given the hypocrisy and omertà that has reigned over the sport, she's at least got every right to pursue it.
Mar 31, 2010
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manafana said:
for me he was sometimes as bad as Armstrong didn't quiet go as far as him or have as big business interests but he did bully and he did always have this sole focus on himself

no he didn't unless you can come with any proof.
One takes a week off to change nation and the PRR section goes mental.

Why can't certain people grasp the rule that here doping talk is forbidden? Is that so hard?
There's a Pantani thread in the Clinic. Bring it there.

Oh, also insulting each other is forbidden, mind you.